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Allied Massage Therapists are  
State of Michigan licensed
trained professionals.
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Good health is all about balance...  
Every individual is different.  You do a specific job, perform a particular sport,
or may have an individual challenge that has an overall effect on your body.  It
is our responsibility to determine the massage therapy techniques that will
best accommodate your situation.  

Meeting your needs is our number one priority!
Each of our State of Michigan licensed therapists were selected for their ability
to successfully provide premier massage therapy service to you.  They
possess advanced levels of body work skills and professional knowledge
combined with care and compassion for helping others.  In order for us to
provide you with the newest innovations in effective therapies, we continue
to pursue advanced education through massage training and accredited
professionals. We currently offer a variety of different massage therapy
services including, but not limited to:
- JoAnne Meehl, LMT, COMT, HTP & Staff
Allied Massage is proud to follow doctors orders and
now offer our valued clients discounted infrared sauna
sessions.  As seen on national television and exclusively
available in our  Northville office.  Benefits include
weight loss, pain relief, lowering blood pressure,
detoxification, and increased flexibility.  
Swedish/Relaxation Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Arthritis Relief Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Infrared Sauna
Pain Relief, Positive Results & Pure Relaxation
                             145 Cady Street |  Northville, MI 48167 | 248-912-0075
JoAnne Meehl
Myofascial Release
Active Isolated Stretching
Hot Stone Therapy
Massage Cupping / Face Cupping
Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment
Lose just minutes!
A Personal Note to You...
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Combine a sauna session with a massage or
assisted stretching to save even more!  
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* * * ANNOUNCEMENT * * *
Allied Massage Gift Card Program
will be discontinued on
June 30, 2016
JoAnne Meehl